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A hot bath or shower. Clean laundry. Running the dishwasher. All part of our day. But none of them would be possible without hot water… something we take for granted… at least until it’s gone.

Water Source Plumbing Service, Inc. can help keep you in hot water… whether you need a water heater repair or want to replace your old water heater with a shiny new high efficiency one or you want to know more about how you can have instant hot water. Our plumbing technicians are water heater experts and are available to serve all of the Coweta/Fayette area and surrounding areas.

What is the average life of a water heater?

The average life of a traditional tank water heater is 8-12 years and the average life of a tankless water heater is 25 years. You can extend the life of your water heater with regular maintenance. Caution: If your tank water heater is 5 years or older and has not been flushed within the last year, do not flush it as that may cause leaks due to the sediment buildup in the tank sealing minor holes. A potential danger of an older water heater is failure of the tank integrity. According to the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety, by the time a water heater reaches age 12, nearly 75% have failed and 69% of all water heater failures result from a slow leak or a sudden burst. If the tank bursts, 30-50 gallons of water flooding your home can cause major damage.

What Are Signs That You Need A Water Heater Repair?

When Should A Water Heater Be Replaced?

How to Choose The Right Water Heater

Consider the following factors for your family’s needs and wants and any space restrictions in your home...

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